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Gentle and Powerful


Flow is a gentle yet powerful tool designed to support the experience of mindfulness and presence.

Perfect for self-exploration, working one on one and offers a wide range of facilitation solutions when working with groups.


Here and Now

Flow reflects the spirit of this period in time. When we are facing challenges and adapting to the new normal.

A global crisis that shuffled all the cards, accelerated many processes, exposed our emotions and focused people on their life choices.


'Hello Flow' Live Online Workshop

This workshop is a journey of 22 days:
3 hours live online workshop facilitated by a Certified Master
21 days of digital journey for you to practice Flow state of mind and integrate it into  your life.

Workshop date: April 3rd, 2022  2PM GMT

Experience yourself the power of our Flow Tool and learn how to use it with others.
Get ready for a Mind & Heart opening journey!



This special offer includes:

  • Flow Tool - full kit

  • 65 Photo cards, 12 Layout cards and 4 Focus cards

  • An inspirational full-color book presenting a “surround-view” of each card through stories, quotes and mindful questions

  • 'Hello Flow' live online workshop (3 hours)

  • 21 days of practicing Flow - self exploration Digital Journey


Full of surprises and life-changing moments. It’s a workshop in a box!

– – – – –

Laurie Lawson, CEC, PCC, New York — Linkedin

Simple to use, but very deep. It takes participants to unexpected corners in their minds.

– – – – –

Asta Velyvyte, Bmores, Latvia — Website


FREE Express Shipping Worldwide
Special offer is for limited time & quantity

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