Life & Corporate Coach

I believe in a world where differences can enrich us and not confront us.

I'm a Psychologist. Worked several years in hospitals, organizations and private practice. Certified Coach, Newfield Network, Chile.
Outdoors Team Coach, Mindful Quest. ACP Senior Newfield Network (now called ACO: Art of Corporate Coaching). Conscious Business Certification: Fred Kofman.
And now Certified trainer of Points of You. I believe in difference as an enrichment fact, and points of view as the manifestation of that difference, and of the uniqueness of each individual.
I work for a better now and a promising future for people. I believe in the power of love and union.
I believe a better world is possible with a better ME and a better YOU. "Be the change you want to see in the World"

Something that inspired me lately: 
Movie Pay it Forward

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