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Leadership and Organizational Culture, Organizational Behaviour, Lean Culture, Change Management, Executive Counselling 

True leadership requires empathy, example, competence, and constant effort to seek self-knowledge. I believe that true leadership transforms organizations and societies.

I help companies, NGOs and individuals to establish coherent processes, management and culture to achieve balance, success, happiness, and results. I am seeking to develop the leadership potential that I have found in Central America being part of a change that is already happening and helps to make it more efficient and sustainable while respecting and strengthening local culture and values.

Something that inspired me lately: 

The first and paramount responsibility of anyone who purports to manage is to manage self: one's own integrity, character, ethics, knowledge, wisdom, temperament, words, and acts. It is a complex, unending, incredibly difficult, oft-shunned task. We spend little time and rarely excel at management of self precisely because it is so much more difficult than prescribing and controlling the behavior of others. However, without management of self no one is fit for authority no matter how much they acquire, for the more authority they acquire the more dangerous they become. It is the management of self that should occupy 50 percent of our time and the best of our ability. And when we do that, the ethical, moral and spiritual elements of management are inescapable. (Dee Hock)


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