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Life Coaching, Counseling

Everything is available in the Present, I just need to believe it and manifest it.

I have a talent for listening, sensing what's below the surface, play with words and rephrasing: I cultivated these gifts to serve people who ask my advice, to reflect them clearly and truly, so that they can retell their stories more authentically and find their new ways.
I founded Potentia, an empowering path and a program to lead women from the discovery of their many potentials to their realization.
I work in companies to spread wellbeing, using Points of You and SWOW Program.
Training as a Master in Points of You makes me realize that we are an amazing comm-unity, working and growing as One, co-creating our success and fulfillment together. This is Love, and makes me willing to give my best!

Something that inspired me lately: 
I am deeply inspired by mythology and symbolism, I use their metaphors in my daily life and in my work to convey things differently and to root ancient knowledge in current challenges.


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