Consultation – both in my professional work and within Points of You® I provide expert consultation. 

I strive to help others understand their common objectives and assist them in how to achieve their objectives

The most important thing to achieve is integrity in all spheres of life.  

I am a people person and am a certified public tax accountant in Japan, running my own businesses/companies and helping individuals and small businesses. I prepare company and client tax forms and data while offering tax accounting advice and consultation, which I try to do through facilitation. This work also involves a strong working knowledge of tax laws and regulations, including new filing practices, deadlines, and any company-specific information. 

Something that inspired me lately:

I was recommended to read The Life List by the author Lori Nelson Spielman which is based on a work of Level 2 Points of You® Academy. In the book, one woman sets out to complete her old list of childhood goals. This inspired me to think about my own goals, from when I was younger and the goals that I want to make for my future life. I have many goals and dreams that I will fulfill from now on.


Skype: ellie.e.k 

Zoom ID: 525-417-3182

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