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I’m here not to change you, but to be the catalyst of unique transformations that will reveal to the world your true self and the potential that has always been inside of you.

I have a talent for listening, sensing what's below the surface, connecting the dots and inspire action. I have cultivated these gifts for more than 25 years by supporting organizations, leaders and teams in making a quality shift in the way they connect, work together and stand up for something larger than the obvious. Now I use my talents to serve people in reflecting on themselves and expanding perspectives in order to discover their endless possibilities, their unique power and to achieve their goals easier and faster.

Something that inspired me lately

I deep-dived into the world of ‘Not Knowing’ and ‘Not Doing’ with the help of the books written by Diana Renner and Steven D’Souza, and I’ve found new ways to grow futureproof skills.


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