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Personal Development, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

I believe that Everything is Possible and once you live a unique experience that touches your body, heart and mind in when transformation happens and you can see your path more clearly, develop your full potential and see all the possibilities in front of you just waiting for you to grab them.

Over the years I have acquired many tools and skills, among which is Points of you, that today I am using in all that I do personally and professionally to create experiences that can help you transform your life.
Life is like a journey, where we have to face some challenges, crossroads, and each time we need to make decisions that either will make us grow, or challenge us a bit further. A coach is someone that will help you see this challenges and the areas of yourself that you are not seeing; the mirror that you do not dare to look at and to make the questions that you do not dare to ask yourself.
Points if You tools are amazing to help you on this journey, whether is for yourself or to assist others in doing the same.
I am a certified Ontological Coach, Founder Director of the Chilean Association of Ontological Coaches ACCOP, certified in advance Body Language and Movement Coaching @ Newfield Network, certified on Horse Coaching @ NCI (Neuroscience and Coaching Institute), Certified Team Coach @ ECC (European Coaching School) and Expert Trainer @ Points of You Academy.

Something that inspired me lately: 
Lately, I have been inspired by doing Yoga on a Horse. The ability this wonderful animals have to feel our emotions and to connect with us in such a level that is not only inspiring, but also empowering!

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