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Hello My name is Omar Im Coach and Trainer en Points of You in Peru and Latin America.
Solid experience developed in commercial and logistics areas in large companies of retail and service;
• Extensive experience in planning, control and sales analysis as well as directing sales teams;
• Experience in training, development and team leadership;
• Extensive experience in control and analysis of market indicators for setting business strategy;
• Ability to work with individual and collective goals;
• Service Management as well as their market strategies in order to absorb and create opportunities;
• Experience in developing and managing projects (rehabilitation and Green Field) in commerce and Logistics

Something that inspired me lately: 

reading about a story of twins who were born prematured.
When they seperated them, the weak one started to die and when the nurse put them together the strong one put her arm over her sister and immediatly the weak sybling's heart started to beat normal. And untill today they will healthy. Thus is is the real proof of the healing power of pure love!


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