Human Capital Assessment and Development, Entrepreneurship, Coaching, Psychology

Associate Professor, Psychologist, Coach, Trainer, Business Owner

No matter how small the act of kindness, it will return.

An accomplished Industrial and Organizational psychologist with 15 years of experience as a consultant providing human capital solutions to government and a variety of industries. She has provided more than 100 organizations with assessment services, valid selection processes, quality training, and team-based improvement strategies. Ismarli brings a strong understanding of human behavior in the workplace to the development of leaders. A practical professional coaching and development, and a results-oriented approach allow her to effectively partner with executives, line managers, and staff professionals. As a professional coach, she is wonderful in getting to know her subject and often pulls her clients into uncharted territories. Her powerful intuition blended with her ability to shift perspective allows others to successfully craft and bring their ideas to light. Her Doctoral degree of I / O Psychology with dissertation research in entrepreneurial success, combined with experience as a mentor and business coach since 2009, has made her able to train more than 500 prospective entrepreneurs and support start-ups to create and grow their business.

Something that inspired me lately:

One kindness may not look extraordinary, but a kindness that inspires other kindness will have a tremendous social impact.

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