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Life Coach, Organizational Psychologist

Ontological Coaching, Training, Organizational Development, Human Resources

We don't change the world by talking about love; we change the world by living InLove.

My works is all about accompanying people to emerge. To emerge means to rise or to come forth, into sight and notice. Once you come forth with an open heart, you and the ones around you can see the real light that lies within you, your purest essence, your potential, and your real power. By using Points of You® tools in my 1:1 or group sessions, I create sacred spaces where individuals and organizations can unleash, honor and cultivate their potential while achieving their dreams and goals.

Something that inspired me lately:

Something that inspires me: I am the keeper of my own flame and I have the responsibility to build the magnificence of my own internal fire, so I can be honored with the ability to ignite and inspire hundreds of other flames in the world.

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