Well-Being Coach & Trainer

Life Coaching and Training specializing in Positive Psychology and Well-Being

As a facilitator, I believe my role is to support my clients in connecting their heart and mind, so that without judgment they can decide for themselves what is best for them.

From my first meeting with the tools and method, I knew that it is very unique and they became very quickly an integral part of my toolbox that I use with clients and on myself. Becoming a Points of You® Facilitator is a huge dream come true for me. I believe that they spread good around the world, thus I am excited to be spreading this method to others as it is so versatile that it can be incorporated into any work that involves people. Additionally, a proud ambassador to the Points of You® way of life.

Something that inspired me lately:
„Happiness is a habit – cultivate it” – E. Hubbard This quote reminds me that we alone are in control of our lives. What we need is a right mindset and action in building new habits. Nothing will change in our life until the moment we take the first step in making that change.

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