Facilitation of processes/workshops, communication/soft skills training, (web-)design, business models.

Trainer, (certified) Facilitator, Webshop Owner.

Opening your mind to other points of view will lead to more empathy and awareness in and of the world, and ultimately to more contentment and better solutions for all of us. Together, everything is possible.

After diverse business experiences I have come back to being a trainer and facilitator, as I realised my passion lies in helping people grow, to plant a seed of awareness of their own strength and possibilities. As Founder of the Benelux branche of the Points of You family I can pay it forward, and I am very happy to roll-out the message and the beautiful tools of Points of You in the Benelux.

Something that inspired me lately: 
My kid who, really touched, showed me a short you-tube film where a homeless guy who got some money bought food for other homeless people instead of helping only himself…,

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