Business and Career Coach, Soft Skills Trainer, HR Consultant in Talent and Development

Training, coaching and HR consultancy

I am passionate about learning and self-improving, diving into our own inner search and helping others to do the same in order to achieve their potential in life, with courage and integrity. I am grateful and love grateful people!

I am a certified coach and trainer with more than 10 years in corporate experience; co-founder of Skeylls, a consultancy firm that promotes the mutual growths of businesses and people.
I have a bachelor’s degree in education, with postgraduate studies on Human Resources and NGOs Management. I am a Points of You certified facilitator and Social Psychologist, graduated from Pichon Riviere School in Buenos Aires. I love contributing to other people’s growth in business and life!

Something that inspired me lately:

Trust the process

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Phone: 54 11 6483 1800


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