Everything is Possible and love is all we need!

I love coaching and I Iove working with my own self. I believe we are reflection of each other and every person that interacts with us is a refleciton of us. They all play a role in out life and they are there to deliver a lesson or message. Sometimes they come in a form of a client, sometimes in a form of a friend, or an enemy or our beloved ones. We just need to open our eyes and ears to realize what we need to learn. I love learning new instruments to use in my field. The more I learn the more I grow. I also love to be connected to people because that's how we experience and exchange LOVE, which I believe is the life force of us. Thus, I hope to exchange love with you one day as well.

Something that inspired me lately: 
Reading about a story of twins who were born prematured. When they seperated them, the weak one started to die and when the nurse put them together the strong one put her arm over her sister and immediatly the weak sybling's heart started to beat normal. And untill today they will healthy. Thus is is the real proof of the healing power of pure love!


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