Life Coaching and Life Skills Training

Life Coach, Mentor Trainer, Points of You Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Live Event Presenter

Passionate coach, writer, speaker--I help people to find their spark.

I believe we are all brilliant beyond measure.

I love guiding and supporting amazing people through their personal transformation, igniting their life passion so their inner glow becomes their outer glow for all the world to see and feel! I am gifted at guiding people into the deep hurts, those painful slivers of life that fester when left unattended. We gently, sometimes actively escort the slivers out and work hard to clear up the mess it left in the mental and emotional well being. I truly believe that people are brilliant beyond their own measure! I am a conduit for productive change and positive energy!

Something that inspired me lately: 
My 14 year old daughter sharing her 7 year old painful emotional sliver with me. The transformation, the miracles that showed up afer!
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