Personal Coach, Business Coach, Soul Coach

I’m always been full of great ambitions and aspirations for continuous development. I believe in the process of lifelong learning and never for a moment I stop raising my qualification and my own awareness. This attitude towards life brought me two master's degrees in Economics, over 25 years of experience in sales and management of people and processes in the corporate world, over 17 years of educating, inner work, certifications and trainings in personal development, holistic medicine, Eastern philosophy, Reiki, Prana healing and many more.

People's whole life is a continuous coaching process. The subconscious mind develops programs that we put into practice in life. One is always in a state of inner dialogue with oneself. In this way he understands what we have to do, how to act in different life situations. My big dream is to contribute in building a society of conscious people and strong personalities who create harmony and beauty in themselves and around themselves.

Something that inspired me lately:

The fact that the people start to wake up for the idea that there is work to be done inwards in order to make the change outwards


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