Certified Trainer

Talent Management Consultancy and Trainer

Certified in Points of You®, LEGO® Serious Play®, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Outdoor Training, Visual Thinking, Clown, Percussionist and Multiplier B. Master's studies in Educational Management and University Teaching; Coaching and Positive Psychology. Founder of Diversa, Human Partner of Make a Wish Perú, TECHO and Perú Responsible for MINTRA.

I believe in brave hearts​. 

I apply the methodology in companies and more than a thousand of people around the world in topics such as: Innovation, Planning, Strategy, Emotional Intelligence, Soft Skills, Resilience, Life Purpose, Vocational Guidance and Human Resources (Selection, Climate, Training and Development.

Something that inspired me lately: 
Intuition in life decisions and resilience.


Email[email protected]

Phone+51 994927447

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